James “Jim” Stivers

Democrat for Idaho State House, District 5, Seat “A”

(Latah & Benewah Counties)



Election Results  Updated June 3, 2012



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Stewardship, Freedom & Prosperity


Vote for a Green Democrat in the

May 15th Primary Elections


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In Boise, he will


  • Reintroduce Rep. Brian Cronin’s bill to study a state banking system for Idaho


  • Reintroduce Rep. Cronin’s anti-bullying bill


  • Reintroduce Rep. Tom Trail’s bill to legalize industrial hemp and medical marijuana in Idaho; tax it and use the money to increase funding for schools and law enforcement


  • Introduce or co-sponsor “Add the Words” legislation to bring Idaho in compliance with U.S. Supreme Court decisions on sexual orientation


  • Support efforts to bring more state money to Benewah & Latah counties to rebuild their infrastructure and utilities


  • Support efforts to increase institutional autonomy for UI budget decisions


  • Oppose efforts to further privatize the public sector, to grant private school vouchers, or to weaken organized labor


  • Seek to repeal the “right to pollute” laws abused by corporate agriculture


  • Support the Democratic Party in its efforts to increase ethical accountability, fairness in taxation, and adequate funding of the state’s constitutional obligations to its citizens.




Jim Stivers Believes . . .

In the wisdom of the Constitution and the “American System” as it was devised by the Founding Fathers during the early decades of our Republic: community capitalism, a strong public sector, and personal freedom.




Jim Stivers is someone who knows the district and can represent all of us.




About Jim Stivers:


Age: 52

Now a 3rd generation Democrat  (although he was a Republican for many years)

Married 27 years, father of seven (ages: 10 to 26)

Owner & operator of an area painting business for 15 years

Member of the BBB

Member of the Chamber of Commerce

Member & officer of a non-profit community development corporation


Past political experience: precinct committeeman, district secretary, previous candidate


Past business experience: 15 years negotiating contracts & leaving satisfied customers


He believes in the family wage and family-based businesses and farms.


He believes in the separation of church and state and the importance of public education in Idaho.


He wants a state bank and more community-based credit unions, green alternatives, cottage industries, personal freedoms and a more active role for the UI in North Idaho’s economy.


He wants the Palouse to become a GMO free zone.





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Jim Stivers, Treasurer